About me

Get to know who I am.

Hi. I'm Wesley Portugaels. I manage. I support. I explore.


I was born and raised in Limburg, Belgium and computers are something that always interested me. After finishing high school at the age of 16, I followed various IT related courses which helped me to become a system- and networking engineer. In that capacity I manage the IT infrastructure of various homes and companies.


Over the years I've developed a passion for supporting and helping people. My overall experience is that you can not manage an IT infrastructure without educating and learning its users how to work with it. You can fix a problem without telling the user how you fixed his issue, but there is a good chance that the problem will surface again, rather sooner than later. When you support and help the user, leading them to fixing their own problem, he will have learned something and, at the end of the day, you'll both be happy.


Both in my professional and private life I love to explore. The nice thing about my job is that it has plenty of variety: there are so many ways to go, so much things to learn, that it will never get boring. I always say that, when you stand still in IT, you are going backwards. The sector is constantly evolving and you have to be open to explore and learn new things in order to provide your customers with the latest and the best technology.

Another nice part of variety in my job is visiting a lot of different customers. You get to go to places you would normally never go, and part of that has become a passion in my private life. In 2015, I started to play Ingress. Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality game played online on smartphones. It is kind of like geocaching, but instead of searching a physical cache, you search a virtual portal by traveling to various cities and places around the world. The ideal way for me to relax after a hard day of work is to hit the road with some friends and explore the world. After all, we all need to relax sometimes, right?